Maxi Skip Hire Services

Maxi skip hire services cater to the needs of larger-scale waste removal in commercial and industrial settings. These skips are designed to accommodate substantial quantities of waste, making them ideal for extensive construction projects, commercial waste disposal, and industrial cleanouts. With various sizes available, typically ranging from 10 to 18 cubic yards or more, maxi skips can hold an impressive quantity of waste, ranging from 80 to 180 bin bags.

The versatility of maxi skips makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. In construction, they are commonly utilized during the demolition or renovation of buildings, where significant amounts of waste materials are generated. For commercial and industrial waste disposal, maxi skips provide a reliable solution for handling large volumes of waste efficiently.

Maxi Skip Hire Dimensions

Maxi skip hire services various sizes and offers a versatile solution for larger-scale waste removal in commercial and industrial settings. While the dimensions of a maxi skip can vary depending on the skip hire service and the specific size chosen, here are some approximate measurements for commonly used maxi skips:

A 10-yard skip is approximately 3.66 meters (12 feet) long, 1.68 meters (5.5 feet) wide, and 1.68 meters (5.5 feet) tall. For a 12-yard skip, the dimensions are approximately 3.66 meters (12 feet) in length, 1.68 meters (5.5 feet) in width, and 1.98 meters (6.5 feet) in height.

If you require a slightly larger skip, a 14-yard skip typically measures around 4.07 meters (13.4 feet) long, 1.76 meters (5.8 feet) wide, and 1.98 meters (6.5 feet) tall. For even more substantial waste removal needs, a 16-yard skip is approximately 4.57 meters (15 feet) long, 1.76 meters (5.8 feet) wide, and 1.98 meters (6.5 feet) tall.

Finally, the largest commonly used size, the 18-yard skip, has approximate dimensions of 5.49 meters (18 feet) in length, 1.76 meters (5.8 feet) in width, and 1.98 meters (6.5 feet) in height.

It’s important to keep in mind that these dimensions are approximate and can vary slightly between different skip hire services. To ensure the maxi skip you choose meets your specific requirements, it’s always best to verify the dimensions with the skip hire service you are using.

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Maxi Skip Hire Prices

The pricing for hiring a maxi skip hire services can fluctuate based on several considerations, including the size of the skip, the duration of the hire period, and the geographic location of the skip hire service. It’s important to note that the following price estimates are just approximations and may vary depending on the specific skip hire service and your location. To obtain an accurate quote tailored to your requirements, contact the skip hire service you choose.

The cost of hiring a maxi skip typically increases with the size of the skip and the duration of the hire period. Factors such as the type of waste being disposed of and any additional services or permits required may also influence the overall price.

Moreover, it is essential to be aware that certain skip hire services may apply additional fees for specific types of waste, such as hazardous materials or electrical appliances. It is crucial to inquire with the skip hire service regarding any additional charges that may be applicable to your particular waste disposal needs.

Certain waste items, such as chemicals, solvents, oils, paints, or other hazardous substances, may require specialized handling and disposal processes, leading to extra costs. Similarly, electrical appliances like fridges, freezers, TVs, and computers may necessitate special arrangements for proper recycling or disposal, which could result in supplementary charges.

Benefits of Maxi Skip Hire

Maxi skip hire services offer a range of benefits for those seeking efficient and effective waste removal solutions on a larger scale. These larger-sized skips provide a practical and convenient option for various commercial, industrial, and construction projects. Whether you’re tackling a major renovation, managing a commercial site, or undertaking a substantial cleanout, opting for a maxi skip can streamline your waste management process while maximizing efficiency.

Ample Capacity

Maxi skips offer a significant advantage with their ample capacity to handle large volumes of waste materials. These skips can accommodate substantial quantities of construction debris, commercial waste, or industrial byproducts. This capacity ensures fewer interruptions for waste removal, allowing projects or business operations to proceed smoothly.


Maxi skip hire services provide cost-efficient waste removal solutions. By opting for a maxi skip, you can optimize waste disposal processes and minimize labor and transportation costs. This approach eliminates the expenses associated with multiple smaller skips or frequent waste removal trips, resulting in cost savings for your waste management needs.


Maxi skips are highly versatile and can handle a wide variety of waste types. Whether you need to dispose of bulky items, heavy materials, or a combination of waste materials, maxi skips provide the necessary space to accommodate them efficiently. From furniture to large quantities of garden waste or construction rubble, maxi skips are a practical choice for various industries and waste management needs.


Maxi skip hire services are designed to handle large quantities of waste, resulting in time savings. With their ample capacity, they minimize downtime caused by waste removal interruptions. This allows construction, renovation, or cleanup projects to progress without delays. Maxi skip hire streamlines waste management logistics and coordination, freeing up time and resources for other essential tasks.

Maxi Skip Hire Acceptable & Non Acceptable Waste

When hiring a Maxi skip for waste disposal, it’s important to understand what types of waste are acceptable and non-acceptable. 

Acceptable Waste:

  1. Construction Debris: Bricks, concrete, wood, metal, tiles, and other materials generated during construction or renovation projects.
  2. Household Waste: General household waste, including packaging materials, non-hazardous plastics, textiles, and furniture.
  3. Garden Waste: Grass clippings, leaves, branches, tree trimmings, and other organic materials from gardening or landscaping activities.
  4. Inert Waste: Soil, sand, gravel, and other non-reactive and non-toxic materials.
  5. Non-Hazardous Commercial Waste: Non-hazardous waste generated by commercial establishments, such as office paper, cardboard, and non-toxic packaging materials.

Non-Acceptable Waste:

  1. Hazardous Materials: Chemicals, solvents, oils, paint, asbestos, batteries, fluorescent tubes, and other substances classified as hazardous.
  2. Electrical Appliances: Fridges, freezers, TVs, computers, and other electronic or electrical items that require specialized recycling or disposal.
  3. Medical Waste: Sharps, pharmaceuticals, biological waste, and other medical or clinical waste.
  4. Liquid Waste: Liquids, including oils, chemicals, paints, and other liquids that may pose environmental hazards.
  5. Toxic Waste: Radioactive materials, toxic substances, pesticides, and any other waste classified as toxic or harmful to human health and the environment.

It is important to note that the acceptability of waste may vary depending on local regulations and specific skip hire service providers. Always check with your skip hire service to ensure compliance with their waste acceptance guidelines and local regulations.

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